12 Sep 2023


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DKM models on set for Phillip Island Caravan & Camping Tourism

Summer Fun! - will be an exciting adventure for your next family holiday!

As you can see, Cadel and Noah having a hard day at the office!

While their pretend parents Nick & Yvette set up the camping tent for their family holiday.

They also worked hard playing cricket on the beach and walking around the holiday park site seeing.

Our pretend family had so much fun in the sun but they were totally exhausted by the end of the day. Noah fell asleep in the car on the way home and we are sure we heard some snoring happening in the back of the car.

Camping and caravanning holidays at Phillip Island can hold many nostalgic memories for Victorian families and travellers.

Whether you are pitching a tent, setting up a caravan or staying in a cabin, you will find plenty of things to do and the ideal place to stay at Phillip Island.


Cadel Anton
Nick Ollivier

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